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The Service Design Podcast is hosted by David Morgan and Stina Vanhoof from Knight Moves in collaboration with the Service Design NetworkIn this podcast we have conversations with Service Design practitioners from around the world. We love what we do and we love to hear experiences from others.

Sep 21, 2016

Simone Carrier in head of service design at FutureGov, that focusses on service design project for governments. Together we talked about what service design means to governments, what the differences are between government over the whole world and how service design will evolve in the future. Simone also gave some great insight tips on who they successfully run these project at FutureGov. 

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Our experiences are so shaped by services like Deliveroo, Uber, WhatsApp, snapchat, and Instagram. We are used to receiving really good services. But if you want a new passport or do your tax declaration it brings tears in my eyes because its so complicated

- Simone carrier -

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Sep 21, 2016

Jesse Grimes has been practicing service design from the very beginning of its existence. He’s a senior service designer at Informaat and plays an important role in the service design community as management board member of the Service design network and as Editor-in-Chief of Touchpoint.  Jesse explains how service design became a well established discipline in lots of different disciples around the whole globe, he shares his experience on visiting China. We also talked about the importance of building a netwerk around service that is broader then the practitioners itself but needs to contain buying for all different discplens as well. 



We don’t intent to be a network that is only for service designers as a closed  community. We want to build the interest en recognition of the field outside specifically service designers and amounts the people who buy our services.

- Jesse Grimes -



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