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The Service Design Podcast is hosted by David Morgan and Stina Vanhoof from Knight Moves in collaboration with the Service Design NetworkIn this podcast we have conversations with Service Design practitioners from around the world. We love what we do and we love to hear experiences from others.

Dec 20, 2018

As we shifted from a product-based economy into a service-based economy, customers are more and more pampered with good services. To be successful, companies more than ever need to offer services that exceed the expectations of people. So in order to offer the best services, companies can do two things. On the one hand they can work closely together with external professionals. On the other hand, they can expand their in-house expertise by training their own employees to think more human centred. To introduce and present both ways of working, we invited two international speakers who shared their knowledge. 

Nov 29, 2018

We went to the Service Design Global Conference in Dublin where we attended lots of inspiring talks and hands-on workshops. Again, it was a truly amazing edition! It’s surprising how this conference manages to touch new topics & give new inspiration every year. Hats off to the organisation! 

We also really enjoyed the social aspects of this conference. Since this wasn’t our first SDGC, we saw a lot of familiar faces and like every year we had the chance to get to know many new people. During these moments we got the opportunity to interview some service design ‘rockstars’. You can find a compilation of these interviews here. 

Aug 20, 2018

Marc Stickdorn is a well-known person in the Service Design world. That’s understandable for many reasons! 

He is one of the writers on the ‘Service Design Thinking’ and the ‘Service Design doing’ book. Since this week also the ‘Service Design Methods’ book. Besides that he is co-founder and CEO of ‘More than Metrics’, a company that offers tools and stuff for customer experience and service designers: Smaply, Experiencefellow and Mr. Thinker. Marc speaks about Service Design at many conferences around the world. 

Great to have him at the podcast!

Jul 3, 2018

New technologies, a continuously changing lifestyle and new jobs and disciplines present serious challenges in the field of education. Old education methods and skills are challenged in a society where personalisation, collaboration, information and e-learning are taking over. Professionals have to re-educate themselves and schools need new tools and solutions to be able to innovate and make these changes manageable. How can Service Design help education deal with these challenges and inspire people to solve problems in a creative way?

May 14, 2018

We can’t believe its already our 25th episode! In september 2016 we published the first episode. Not sure where this adventure would lead us we decided to just give it a try! Since then we have been speaking with inspiring people from al over the world. In this 25th episode we reflect on the conversations we had, we’ll let you know which episodes were our favourite ones and what we have learned from experts in the field.

One of the highlights of hosting this podcast is meeting our guests and listeners at conferences or online. We would love to interact more with our listeners and know who you are. Therefore we launched a newsletter where we will publish new episodes but also ask questions to the community.


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Thanks to all the guests that have been on the show!
Thanks to SDN for partnering up! 
Thanks to Knight Moves for giving us time to do the podcast.
And of course thanks to all of you who have been listening to the podcast!

Here's to another 25 episodes to come! 🍾
David & Stina

Apr 19, 2018

Together with the city of Rotterdam, service design agency Muzus won the award for organisational impact in the public sector. The city of Rotterdam is offering a mobility service to people with special needs to make sure they get to the where they want. They realised, however, they did not know the people they were offering the service to. Muzus conducted qualitative research in various ways to give the city of Rotterdam insights in these users. These insights were used in various ways to offer the best service possible. 

Apr 6, 2018

In this episode we speak to Hyunyim Park who won together with her team the student award for business innovation in the private sector. Together with Jaehyun Park and Culainn Boland Shanaha they designed the Smart Black Taxi Service Flo to tackle London’s air quality. Their service offers real-time time data about slow traffic, road works, busy spots where people look for taxi’s, etc. By offering this data the taxi drivers will be able to make better choices and reduce their driving time without passengers.

Mar 22, 2018

In this episode we speak to the Service Design award winners for the best commercial project. Judy Mellett is director Service Design, Innovation and Strategy at Telus and Chris Ferguson is founder and CEO of Service Design agency Bridgeable. Together they won the award for redefining the TELUS Renewals experience.  

Feb 4, 2018

Ella Walding won the Service Design student award for her graduation project at the Royal Collage of Art in Londen. Together with the government of Malta she developed a set of Service Design tools aimed to create change in the organisation. These tools can be found at

After her studies Ella started working as a service designer at innovation unit. 

Feb 4, 2018

This year Service Design award for systemic change in education went to ‘Design Managers Australia (DMA)’ and Macquarie Primary School. We had the great opportunity to have both Mel  Edwards, co-principal at DMA and Wendy Cave, principal at the Macquarie Primary school together on the show.   

Jan 31, 2018

Chris is a Service Design Strategist, founder and CEO of the Canadian Design Agency Bridgeable. At Bridgeable they work with some of the largest organisations in sectors like healthcare, telecom and government. Together with their clients they deliver great customer experiences though designing organisational en service-system level changes inside these companies.

Jan 19, 2018

BC is a game changing technology that brings some unique benefits. For us there are some properties that make Blockchain highly interesting for Service Design.

Blockchain is a distributed technology, a blockchain run on multiple nodes that can should on different physical locations. When one node is compromised, nothing in the blockchain is lost.

The assets in a blockchain can not be duplicated or changed without recording the action to do that change. With a blockchain it’s not possible for two people to have two different instances of the same data.

On top of these aspects the security to access one asset in a blockchain is huge and each asset has its own security.

A blockchain can be designed to be entirely transparent, recording and sharing every single transaction that happen in the blockchain.

These benefits are qualities that traditionally are taken care of by human-beings in transactional processes. When we think of transferring credit, property or certificates, it is people who ensure that this happens in a reliable, transparent and fair way.

With blockchain we have a technology that can potentially take over some of these human processes and this will affect the experience of these processes and have consequences for the people involved. It is therefore only natural that we are highly interested in exploring what blockchain can mean for our work.

We chose blockchain as the topic for our latest ARENA event and we recorded the round table conversation with the speakers. 

Jan 3, 2018

We were happy to join the Global Service Design conference again this year. During the conference we talked to speakers from all over the world, volunteers, organisers and many more. You can find a compilation of all these interviews and our own recap here.