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The Service Design Podcast is hosted by David Morgan and Stina Vanhoof from Knight Moves in collaboration with the Service Design NetworkIn this podcast we have conversations with Service Design practitioners from around the world. We love what we do and we love to hear experiences from others.

Aug 24, 2017

Frederik Vincx is a Belgian social service designer. He graduated ten years ago and worked for six years in communication agencies as a designer. In the following four years he founded his own company Prezly, where he put his heart and soul in. After these ten years of hard work he wanted to shift his energy towards more meaningful challenges. Even though he really loved his job he felt that he should do something else that matters even more. 

So he took the brave decision to go on a one year Social sabbatical. The word sabbatical might make you thing he is taking a rest but that’s definitely not the case! Fredrik is taking ten internships in one year in organisations he would like to do something meaningful for.

Jul 17, 2017

Esben Groendal is a Danish Service Designer working in Japan. He is a former Service Design master student at Aalborg University and the initiator of the Service Design Tour.

Jun 28, 2017

Virtual and augmented reality promise to change the way we perceive our surroundings, interact with each other, create, teach and play. As the technology evolves at stellar speeds, each day more and more opportunities open up for businesses, brands and organisations to connect with their customers. But it also leads to new questions. Will this new way of seeing blur the line between real life and virtual reality? And how will we design the best user experiences for it? In our second live episode we talk to Stijn Michiels and Demis Holvoet about VR, AR and Design.

Jun 1, 2017

We recorded a special bonus episode for Service Design Day at the first of June! This episode is a compilation of interviews with Service Design pioneers from all over the world. Together we talked about the status of Service Design in their continent and the cultural difference they experience. 


May 19, 2017

Mark Willems is pedagogical employee in innovation and ICT integration at the Gemeenschapsonderwijs, in short GO!. A Belgian governmental institution that organises education in Flanders.

We personally know Mark and GO! because one year ago they came to us, at knight Moves, with the question ‘How can we provide the right tools for education in a rapid changing world?” Together we went on a journey of tackling this challenge. In collaboration with all stakeholders we developed a tool that changes the classroom into a place were every student can follow its own path, were students can learn more then the theory and were teachers are more like a coach to support the students in their learning.

Throughout the whole project there was a read treat, the vision of GO! to combine push & pull learning.

May 3, 2017

Sanne Kistemaker is co-founder of the service design company Muzus, and teacher at Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Sanne founded Muzus, a user-centered design agency 10 years ago, together with her sister Neele. Over the years they evolved into a 10 person service design agency that creates products and services by providing insight in the world and motivations of people. 

One of the approaches they use is contextmapping. Contextmapping is a method that has been developed at the Technical University of Delft, and allows researchers and designers to map the context around a certain subject.
During this interview we talked about the opportunities but also the disadvantages of co-creation, the values of the context mapping technique, service design in education and Sanne provides us with some concrete examples of projects at Muzus.

Apr 11, 2017

This is our first Arena episode! Arena is an event organised bij Knight Moves packed with inspiration, learnings and hands-on action on some of the most relevant design topics of today and tomorrow. Three times per year, we bring hot topics into the ARENA and invite two speakers to throw their expertise in the field from different perspectives. Besides that, different partners bring spectacular projects to the Marketplace, a place where guests get the chance to see, explore and experience the secrets of the topic in question. Inspiring evenings full of marvel and action, proudly brought to you by Knight Moves

During the arena event we have a round table conversation with the two speakers in front of a large audience. We are recording this live and publish it as a special ‘live arena’ episode. The episodes will start with a small reflection of us on the topic and its relation to service design. We wil publish an Arena episode 3 times per year. 

Mar 22, 2017

Frederik Kraft is Senior Expert Change & Transformation at Deutsche Telekom, one the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. Their core business is the operation and sale of networks and connections. To continue their succes Deutsche Telekom evolved from a traditional telephone company into an entirely new kind of service company.

Mar 2, 2017

Sophie Andersson is strategic designer at Transformator Design, a Stockholm based Service Design agency. At Transformator they design services based on customer needs and help organisations towards customer centricity. One of those organisations was the Swedish employment agency, together they won the service design award for systemic and cultural change in the public sector. 


We were very pleased that we could involve Caroline Enevold, customer-driver business development manager at the employment agency in the interview as well. This shows what real service design is about, service designers working together with their clients as one team.

Jan 25, 2017
EPISODE 5: Service Design Award 2016 for Best Student Project by Gayle Rice

Gayle has recently completed a PhD at The Glasgow School of Art in which she responded as a researcher and a designer to difficulties young people who were leaving care and their workers experience when working together. For this work she was acknowledged with the first ever ‘service design award’ for best student project. 


Gayle is a graphic designer by background, she got into Service design because of her interest in the impact she was creating with her graphic design work. She realised she had to better engage with people that would be using her designs to better understand their needs. That’s how she got into research but soon she realised she could not really use this in the commercial environments she was working in at that moment. Therefor she made the shift towards Service Design.

Jan 25, 2017
EPISODE 4: Service Design Award 2016 for Best Commercial Project by Kaarel Mikkin

Kaarel Mikkin is de co-founder of service design & branding consultancy Brand Manual. An international agency establish in Tallinn and Stockholm that designs customer experiences. Brand Manual used to be a marketing company that saw the need to expand towards a service design agency. 


“Service design is the new marketing”


Band manual won the service design award for best commercial project with their project That reinvented the bookstore for Apollo. They redesigned a bookstore into an inspiring entertainment environment, bringing books, music, a juice bar and even a cinema together under one brand. This resulted in a customer centric experience and increased the amount of customers with 200%. 

Dec 1, 2016
Episode 3: Practical Service design with Megan Miller and Erik Flowers

Erik Flowers is the Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit, and Megan Miller is a Senior Service Designer for Stanford University’s central IT organisation. Together they are the founders of Practical Service Design.

In this episode they explained the importance of the word “practical” in the service design community, and the need for a channel to get people who are new to service design on board. We also talked about the use of data and making something meaningful out of it, and they explained their approach to service design as building bridges between the different silos. They also shared their experience as in-house designers, and we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this role as opposed to an outside consultant.


I do think that if organisations want to make a lasting change and transformation they need to bring design in-house, but I also think we need that budget for the agency and the third party to come in, because when I’m in-house, I can’t do the radical shake up that an agency could do coming in.

- Megan Miller -

People with a service design toolset in any company can build the bridges between the different silos, smooth out the internal scene, get the information flowing and have a higher-level view, like a bit higher altitude and watch what’s going on at multiple silos at once and coordinate between them. […] That’s why our logo for Practical Service Design is a hot air balloon. 

- Erik Flowers -


Nov 10, 2016

With our mobile podcast studio we walked around the Global Service Design Conference and bumped into some very inspirational people! We talked to speakers, volunteers, visitors, chapter builders and many more, all coming from different parts of the world from Japan to Sweden. 

But one thing they all had in common; they were all passionate about service design!

Relive the conference here!



Sarah Schulman 
Partner at Inwithforward - Speaker and nominee

Erik Roscam Abbing
Managing director at livework - Conference host

Birgit Mager
President of Global Service design network

Katie Koch
UX designer at Spotify - Speaker

Kevin Fox
Service design intern at Nile - Volunteer

Jesse Grimes
Management board member SDN

Hatem Elnaggar 
Service design director at Iwan designs - Visitor

Cathy Huang
Founder of ChinaBridge - Speaker

Thomas Schönheit
Managing partner at Whitespring Service Design Thinking - Visitor

Sophie Knight
Design Researcher at STBY - Visitor

Kautsar Anggakara
Design research lead at Pulse lab Jakarta - Speaker

Maya Macbeth
Glasgow School of Art graduate - Volunteer

Jamin Hegemai
Head of Service design Adaptive path - Visitor

Simon David Chatworthy 
Professor in Service Design - Visitor

Alexander Koste 
Service Designer at Screen Interaction - Visitor

Diane Shen
Reporter Taiwan SDN Chapter - Visitor


And if you're interested in Kingdom, you can find more information on

Sep 21, 2016

Simone Carrier in head of service design at FutureGov, that focusses on service design project for governments. Together we talked about what service design means to governments, what the differences are between government over the whole world and how service design will evolve in the future. Simone also gave some great insight tips on who they successfully run these project at FutureGov. 

Discover more insights about this conversation


Our experiences are so shaped by services like Deliveroo, Uber, WhatsApp, snapchat, and Instagram. We are used to receiving really good services. But if you want a new passport or do your tax declaration it brings tears in my eyes because its so complicated

- Simone carrier -

Interesting links:


Twitter: @simonecarrier

FutureGov website:


Sep 21, 2016

Jesse Grimes has been practicing service design from the very beginning of its existence. He’s a senior service designer at Informaat and plays an important role in the service design community as management board member of the Service design network and as Editor-in-Chief of Touchpoint.  Jesse explains how service design became a well established discipline in lots of different disciples around the whole globe, he shares his experience on visiting China. We also talked about the importance of building a netwerk around service that is broader then the practitioners itself but needs to contain buying for all different discplens as well. 


Upcoming Service Design Global Conference: 

Jesse on LinkedIn 

Knight Moves at SDGC16


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